Low Calorie Risotto Recipe

    Risotto. One of my favourite easy recipes to make. And the method I use makes it really low in fat and calories, so it is super macro friendly. I’m making a butternut squash risotto, but this is a basic risotto recipe that you can turn into a mushroom risotto, asparagus risotto or whatever… Continue reading Low Calorie Risotto Recipe

Can Jamie Oliver ban energy drinks? (my thoughts)

OK so I actually got a bit more insight in this AFTER making this video. He talks a lot about how these drinks are effecting the education of children, and just a lot of things that I can’t really talk about. He also speaks to a British audience but this is obviously relevant for the whole world. I definitely think it is worth “fighting” for bc as Jamie says, children get addicted to caffeine early on.

Here is a link to a video where Jamie talks about it: https://www.google.dk/amp/www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/jamie-oliver-says-energy-drinks-11799384.amp

So why are energy drinks bad for you?? 🤔

The truth is, I don’t think they are.

1st: sugar is in no way bad for us. It is just a simpler form of carbohydrates and it won’t make any of us obese unless we spend long time in a caloric surplus (which can easily be done without consuming any sugar). Also, the sugar that you find in energy drinks is essentially the same thing as the sugar that we find in fruits. YES I get that fruit has a lot more fiber and essential micronutrients that we don’t find in things like soft drinks and energy drinks, but if we just look at the sugar only, it is the same. So what I’m basically trying to say is that it would be difficult to use sugar as the argument to why kids shouldn’t drink energy drinks bc they’re probably going to drink soda and orange juice and eat some candy at some point anyways (which isn’t unhealthy), right?

The main reason why Energy drinks potentially could be harmful to children (if over-consumed) is because of the caffeine content. As I say in the video👆🏻 I think the most important thing is (I’m talking general now, not just children) to actually now how much caffeine is OK and then be aware of the caffeine content in what you drink.

Sorry for going on a rant, I was actually about to not upload this video bc I honestly just hate speaking critically about other people. This isn’t really a video about Jamie, he just inspired it. It is just a video where I talk about why sugar isn’t bad for us, and what I think is important when it comes to caffeine consumption.

Hope you have a great day, Much Love, Thomas😄❤️❤️

Low Calorie Zucchini “Lasagna”

Wait wait wait wait…  Before thinking “just another one of these healthified foods that don’t taste anything like the real thing”, I know. Take away the pasta noodles from the lasagna and you’re left with something that isn’t an actual lasagna. I agree. However, this thing is flipping delicious!! And the use of zucchini is… Continue reading Low Calorie Zucchini “Lasagna”

Asian Pork Lettuce Cups

These pork lettuce cups are perfect as a satisfying snack that is close to zero carbs and fat but very high in protein. The pork filling for the lettuce is an amazing recipe that you can also use for other things such as serving it with rice or a salad. Amazing aromatic flavors of Asia!!… Continue reading Asian Pork Lettuce Cups

Indian Black pepper Chicken!

I looove Indian food!! This recipe has spicy pepperyness from the grounded black pepper, along with some classic Indian flavors marinated in yoghurt to make it SUPER TENDER! Oh, and by the way the Indian name of this is “Kali Mirch Murgh Tikka”. At least the word “tikka” makes sense… Utensils: Wooden skewers Hand mixer/food… Continue reading Indian Black pepper Chicken!

Lemon Poppyseed Loaf

Lemon gives baked goodies such a good flavour. And the texture that the poppyseed give this loaf makes it ULTRA delicious. This is another perfect treat if you are watching the calories!:) Ingredients: 110g of spelt flour 110g of regular flour 120g of skyr or fat free greek yoghurt 1 tablespoon of poppyseeds Sweetener equal… Continue reading Lemon Poppyseed Loaf