4 Ways to make dieting easier

I Just posted this info-graph to my Instagram about 4 ways to make a fat-loss diet easier to stick to. These are all things that can play a drastic in how you feel when you are dieting, so instead of explaining them in my Instagram caption, I’m going to write a blog post about it.

1. Get sufficient quality sleep


I placed sleep as nr. 1 because it plays a HUUGE role in how you feel, and there are endless reasons to why your sleep quality is important for your health. Now you might be thinking “I’m sleeping 8 hours a night so I’m fine” or something like that, but you need to realize that the number of hours in which you sleep is not what determines how well rested when you wake up. Actually, studies have shown that almost 50% of our population is sleep deprived, and given that sleep deprivation is proven to increase risk of diseases like obesity, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimers and pretty much any other negative thing you can think about, this is a huge problem.

I digress

Sleep plays a huge role in fat-loss for multiple reasons. For 1, the better sleep you getthe less hungry you will feel throughout the day, and the less likely you will be to overeat. Sleep is the most important for our hormonal health, and leptin, which is our satiety hormone, will drop if we don’t get quality sleep, making us crave high-calorie food throughout the day. Getting good sleep on a fat-loss diet will also play a role in the amount of muscle mass that you retain during your diet, which ultimately will make you lose weight in a much more “aesthetic” way.

1 person that I want to point out in regards to this topic is Shawn Stevenson from theshawnstevensonmodel.com. He has a lot of great practical content about getting better sleep so definitely check him out. I got introduced to him when he was guested on the “MuscleForLife Podcast” with Mike Matthews. I will link that exact podcast right here– it is a really good one…

2. Eat high volumesalad-emoji-galore-mag

This one should make a lot of sense since you are going to be eating fewer calories than usual when trying to lose fat. You want to look for the foods that giveyoua lot of volume and satiety for not so many calories. Vegetables are a good example. Extremely low in calorie, especially the leafy ones. Also, fruits and starches are great. It is all about figuring out which foods give you the most satiety so that you can easier stick to your diet!

3. Drink tons of water


When you are constantly hydrated you will feel so much better, and your energy will be much higher. If you’re not drinking enough water you might also tend to get more hungry because water will fill up your stomach. If you have a large appetite, try chugging a glass of water before a meal, and this will help you fill up easier!

4. Strength train over cardio


Fat-loss usually gets associated with doing tons of cardio, but cardio can actually end up doing more harm than good. Doing a lot of cardio will increase your hunger, so even though you might have burned some calories during your session, you will have a larger tendency to overeat later. Also doing a lot of cardio will spike your cortisol levels which can mess with your sleep and also make you more hungry.

I’m Not saying that you should cut out cardio all together. It is usually just not the best idea to kill your self with high-intensity cardio sessions all the time when on a calorie-restricted diet. A FANTASTIC alternative is to go on more long walks, and in general, just increasing your overall daily activity levels. That could be taking the stairs instead of the elevator for example. It is also important that you don’t restrict your calories too much, because you will end up falling off and binging.

I am a huge advocate of strength training during a fat-loss period because it will help you with losing less weight from muscle-mass and more from fat. Also, the more muscle you have the higher your metabolism will be. Therefore, you can end up ruining your metabolism if you diet for a long time without still lifting heavy

AND YES! This also goes for women. You won’t get bulky by lifting heavy weights, and you will lose weight in a much more aesthetically pleasing way because you will retain more muscle mass (keeping the booty…).

I hope that this post gave you some practical tips for dieting, and that you found it helpful. 





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