Low Calorie Banana Bread

Banana bread is such a lovely loaf cake. Moist, sweet and just super comforting. This recipe is how I’ve been making perfect banana bread using yoghurt instead of butter and sweetener instead of sugar. Also VERY easy to put together!! Ingredients (bread makes 16 slices) 240 grams of plain flour 3 bananas (the riper the… Continue reading Low Calorie Banana Bread

“Drunken spaghetti” recipe

So this is quite interesting… spaghetti All’Ubracio is the original name of this dish and I’m pretty sure it translates to something like “drunken spaghetti”! This caught my attention with it’s red/purple color throughout the pasta so I had to try it out myself… and I obviously made it a bit lower calorie, so we… Continue reading “Drunken spaghetti” recipe

High volume low calorie pappardelle pasta

Ingredients: 1 whole courgette 70g of pappardelle pasta (fettuccine or tagliatelle would probably work as well) 1 garlic clove 1/2 white onion or 1 small 100g of canned tomatoes (1/4 can) Olive oil spray (or any cooking spray) 30g of fresh mozzarella fresh rosemary and dried oregano fresh basil and parmesan cheese for garnish Method… Continue reading High volume low calorie pappardelle pasta

Brilliant Celeriac Linguine

Yes BRILLIANT is the word of choice. Couldn’t find anything to describe this dish better! It’s a bit of a twist to what you’ve probably ever eaten. It has celeriac. What an amazing vegetable! Celeriac is one of those things that are just too good to have 25cals per 100g. It brings volume and flavor… Continue reading Brilliant Celeriac Linguine

Yakitori recipe (Japanese chicken)

Have you ever went to a Japanese/sushi restaurant and they have those flipping delicious sweet chicken skewers? Well that’s Yakitori  Yakitori is actually a Japanese national dish a long side sushi. “Yaki” mean burn Japanese and “Tori” means bird. So basically burned bird. Now there are a few things where I’m not living up to… Continue reading Yakitori recipe (Japanese chicken)

Vietnamese “Nước chấm” dressing recipe (0 calories)

What’s up everyone!! I’m back on the blog, and I’m better than ever.  Seriously though, I’m going to start sharing a lot of my delicious recipes here so make sure to subscribe and join me in making SUPER TASTY healthy macro-friendly dishes. Today’s recipe is a dressing. It is a classic in Vietnam, and it… Continue reading Vietnamese “Nước chấm” dressing recipe (0 calories)

Low calorie cheesy gnocchi recipe

Click this link to watch! In this video I share a recipe using one of my favorite ingredients, Gnocchi! This amazing pasta-potato-thing that the italians came up with. The perfect comfort food.  This recipe is very macro-friendly as i add in a lot of volume via veggies making it very filling but keeping the calories… Continue reading Low calorie cheesy gnocchi recipe