Brilliant Celeriac Linguine

Yes BRILLIANT is the word of choice. Couldn’t find anything to describe this dish better! It’s a bit of a twist to what you’ve probably ever eaten. It has celeriac. What an amazing vegetable! Celeriac is one of those things that are just too good to have 25cals per 100g. It brings volume and flavor… Continue reading Brilliant Celeriac Linguine

Yakitori recipe (Japanese chicken)

Have you ever went to a Japanese/sushi restaurant and they have those flipping delicious sweet chicken skewers? Well that’s Yakitori  Yakitori is actually a Japanese national dish a long side sushi. “Yaki” mean burn Japanese and “Tori” means bird. So basically burned bird. Now there are a few things where I’m not living up to… Continue reading Yakitori recipe (Japanese chicken)

4 Ways to make dieting easier

I Just posted this info-graph to my Instagram about 4 ways to make a fat-loss diet easier to stick to. These are all things that can play a drastic in how you feel when you are dieting, so instead of explaining them in my Instagram caption, I’m going to write a blog post about it.… Continue reading 4 Ways to make dieting easier

Training+Instagram update

This is my first blog post since July 5, so I guess you could say I’ve been slacking quite a bit. I’m just making this post to keep myself accountable to putting out a lot more content from now on. There are different reasons for why I haven’t put out anything in a long time.… Continue reading Training+Instagram update

Pancakes that fit any macros!

Pancakes.. the OG of all fitness recipes. Low carb pancakes, banana pancakes, vegan pancakes, paleo pancakes, protein pancakes we’ve seen it all. If I was a pessimist, I would probably be sick and tired of all these variations, but since I’m not, I’m only looking for more. The recipe that I’m going to share with… Continue reading Pancakes that fit any macros!

Overnight Oats Recipe

Overnight oats are such a great invention, and there are countless ways to prepare it to give it different flavors and consistencies. In this article, I will share my staple overnight oats recipe, which consists of only 5 ingredients. The great thing about this recipe is that you can change it up in endless different… Continue reading Overnight Oats Recipe

Why intermittent fasting is not a magic tool!?

First off all, I have been doing intermittent fasting for 1,5 years right now, and i have learned a lot about it during that time. Back when I started doing intermittent fasting I used it as a tool to lose fat, and it helped me with that, I just didn’t know why. Back then I… Continue reading Why intermittent fasting is not a magic tool!?